Can I pick the colour of the tan?
The solution used for airbrush/spray tanning is not paint. It is a natural solution containing antioxidants, anti-wrinkling moisturizers and self-tanning agents (DHA). The solution, once in contact with the top most layer of your skin (dead skin cells), reacts with your skin to develop into a tan colour similar to that of a uv induced tan. The depth of hue of your airbrush tan can be chosen based on the level of the DHA in the solution used, however the colour can not.
Realistically a good spray tan should provide you with a tan 1-3 shades darker than the colour of your skin at that moment.


Do you use the same solution for all skin-types?
No. Before your application, the airbrush technician will assess your needs, skin tone, the type of tan desired, and suggest an appropriate solution strength and level


How long does the tan last?
The airbrush tan will fade away as your skin sheds. Depending on your skin-type, the tan will last approximately 7 days. Drier skin-types should exfoliate skin with a loofah regularly to ensure that the colour fades away evenly. Drink lots of water and use tan enhancing moisturizers daily to ensure that the tan lasts as long as possible.
When tanning for a special event it is recommended to book your application 1-2 days before the event. Brides should book their appointments no less than 2 days before the wedding.

I'm going on vacation. Can I still sun tan with an airbrush tan?
Airbrush or spray tans are very popular before a vacation. A spray tan before your trip provides you with the confidence to sport your bathing suit however it is important to understand that a uv free tan is just that...uv free. It does NOT create a "base" to prepare your skin for exposure to the sunshine found in hot climates. Sunscreens must still be worn during your vacation. You can certainly sunbathe with an airbrush tan and in most cases fade out is not noticeable on vacation because as the skin sheds the uv induced tan is underneath.


My friend and I were airbrushed the same day. Why is theirs darker than mine?
As mentioned above, not everyone is sprayed the same way. Skin tones will determine the level of solution used by the technician.
​It is also important to understand that health factors can absolutely affect the outcome of the spray tan. Hormones and medications play a huge role in the development of your airbrush tan. For more information or if you have specific concerns and questions please contact us directly


My baby spit up on me shortly after returning home from my spray tan session. There's a spot now, what do I do?
Issues such as this are common when "living life" and can happen with rain drops, spilled water or coffee and children. When this occurs it is the cosmetic bronzer on your skin that has been disturbed causing your spray tan to look blotchy. Pat the area dry and leave it! When the recommended 8-12 hours has passed, shower thoroughly with your wash cloth and soap. If after your shower you see any lighter patches due to your earlier mishap, don't panic! Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with our 3-day touchup guarantee service. 90% of the time the tan will still develop evenly.